The 2020 Mother Daughter Level Up Summit is an Elkhart, IN premiere event to educate, inspire and elevate the mothers and daughters of our community. Join Us. Register today!

Mother Daughter Level Up Summit

In a world where women still earn less than men, the Annual Mother Daughter Level-Up Summit was created to help mothers and daughters explore career paths and options, build a solid plan for educational or vocational pursuits and navigate the endless opportunities available for their future.

Participants enjoy activities, speakers and panel discussions by successful career women about building confidence, setting goals, the diversity in career paths and achieving their dreams. The Summit also provides a hands on experience with some of the brightest and most inspiring leaders and innovators in their community.

This unique experience will help strengthen the mother daughter relationship and provide the basis for accountability and reinforcement after the summit.


The Mother Daughter Level Up Summit is the brain child and passion of Elkhart, IN native, Zina Brown. She is a successful Senior Project Manager, Filmmaker and Vice President of Operations for NABFEME, a non profit dedicated to uplifting women of color in entertainment and media.

A product of the Elkhart educational system, and graduate of Central High School, she owes much of her success to the foundation that was built in her hometown. She is now determined to bring back successful Elkhart natives to show young girls and their mothers, that the sky is the limit and they can become anything they want to become.

With her amazing boots on the ground partner, Yvette Wigfall, a seasoned educator at Pierre Moran Junior High, Zina and her team has so much more in store for 2020.

I want to leave a legacy that will change the lives of girls and their mothers for years to come.

Summit Founder, Zina Brown


Mother Daughter Level Up Summit

Our Annual Mother Daughter Level Up Summit equips girls and their mothers with the tools to have positive outcomes to reach their career and life goals through:

  • Career Guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Goal Setting
  • Support Systems Strategies

This unparalleled and unique “Mother Daughter” experience will equip participants with the skillset and fuel necessary to propel them into a life of unwavering focus, purpose and intention.

Blue Table Talks

Blue Table Talks is a new continuing education component of the 2020 summit. This was developed as a quarterly online mentoring platform to help mothers and daughters collectively realize their leadership potential, and become change makers through the lived experiences of career women eager to share their journey to success.

Blue Table Talks feature successful women in IT, healthcare and entertainment who provide education, and a practical road map for mothers and daughters to reach and surpass their goals.

Blue Table Talks (B.L.U.E.) are a four-leg educational and career development platform; Brilliant, Leadership, Unified for Empowerment. Because 3 legs won’t do.


We love working with partners who are aligned with and supportive of our mission. If you are interested in partnering with us, we would love to work with you to provide a platform for engaging conversations and elevated brand experiences for our audience via social media marketing and IRL.


At the Inaugural 2019 Summit, more than 400 mothers and daughters were immersed in a day of seminars, presentations and development activities that left a lasting impact.

Our goal is to double that number and 2020 and we need your help to make that happen.


We love working with partners who are aligned with and supportive of our mission. If you are interested in partnering with us for our 2020 Summit, please let us know.

We have three levels of sponsorship that you can give to:

Platinum $5000 and above

Gold $1000 and above

Silver $500 and above

We gladly accept donations below $500. Please use the donate button on this website to make your donation.


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